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Fire Extinguisher Fencer Dry Chemical Powder
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17 Apr 2018
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Fire Extinguisher Fencer Dry Chemical Powder

FENCER Light Fire Extinguisher or commonly called APAR is a necessary requirement for all business sectors. A Light Fire Extinguisher (APAR) is required to protect the personal assets and safety of employees and visitors of your company or business field. Various Light Fire Extinguishers or FENCER Fire Extinguisher are manufactured to the highest standards. Fire Extinguisher FENCER is presented to make a great contribution to protect all your business applications.

Light Fire Extinguishers (APAR) should be distinguished between small incidents and large scale incidents. As the world's leading provider of Light Fire Extinguishers and trusted security solutions provider, the Portable Standard Fire Extinguishers business range (APAR) offers high-efficiency outages against most areas of your business that are at risk from fire.

For the position of the tube deployment of this fire extinguisher, it should be at every 200m² or in any space with a customized and affordable capacity. The distance between the floor and unit floor is approximately ± 1 to 1.25 meters, and should be easily visible. And the maximum distance of placement of fire extinguisher tubes in a location within a building from one fire point to another fire point is approximately 15 meters.

The duration of the blackout is very limited, so its function is only as a blackout and fire fire prevention only. Because this tool is functioned as prevention and fire prevention early fires. The use of this fire extinguisher tube must be adjusted to the fire classification that occurs. And its placement should be easy to reach and discover.

ZIDAN TEKNIK MULTINDO can help you completely to design, provide material equipment, installation and testing on your fire safety system, as well as maintenance services of your various fire system systems.

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