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Control Panel Alarm Fencer
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19 Apr 2018
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Specification of

Control Panel Fencer-Mn-300-100

fire alarms serve as fire prevention fire early alarms, fire alarm device will sound loudly during the initial fire and give a warning sign of early fire so dapaat done early prevention. besides our fire alarm from PT.Zidan Multindo Techniques Also Sell Fire Extinguishers such as Cheap Hydrant, Serve Rechargeable Service Tube Fire Extinguisher and mejual wide range of safety equipment cheap.

Control Panel Parameters Fencer-Mn-300-100:

- Certificate EN541-2.4
- 2000 cause and effect of programmable scanning
- 320 x 240 Color LCD graphic displays flame errors and messages
- Up to 64 panels or repeaters
- USB fire alarm port
- 1000 log memory events
- 4 output relau programmed


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