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Box Hydrant Fencer Type A2 (Indoor)
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19 Apr 2018
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Specification of

Box Hydrant Fencer Type 2 (Indoor)

Brand: Fencer
Model: HB-FC
Type: A2 Indoor
Size: 80 X 100 X 18
Material: mild steel plat
Plat thickness: 1.2 mm

ZIDAN TEKNIK MULTINDO is happy to help you from planning, procurement of equipment hydrant, installation of fire extinguisher to testing & commissioning of the hydrant system. It covers all areas of Box Hydrant design, equipment selection, hydrant application and installation system for various areas considered potentially hazardous to fire, in accordance with Standard NFPA 14 and for pump selection we also adjust to Standard NFPA 20. ZIDAN TEKNIK MULTINDO prepares team special technicians for hydrants that can test and maintain your hydrant system as part of your annual maintenance program.

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